The Heart

 The Heart

I am convinced that we are all connected by a unique and universal energy which makes us all equal, and I believe that this is the only hope for a future of peace…  Romano Migliarini

We strongly believe that ATMA’s success will be able to serve as a model for a decisive impetus in a vast territory up to now only exploited but not enhanced. It is with this aim that we accept the challenge and call on whoever has the means to give practical support to ATMA.
In the past ecology was associated with the “greens,” the idealists, the dreamers. Now the safeguarding of the environment is associated with the economy and the survival of the planet. The deforestation of the Brazilian forests has as much global consequence as the globalization of the economy!

Solidarity and Happiness

The poor are the biggest victims of the crisis, but nobody can steal their hopes of justice and of conditions worthy of life. The inequality is maintained and accentuated by political economics which increase the concentration of income and wealth through mechanisms which privilege financial capital and frustrate the most efficient public policies.


In the hope… of a world where ethical and moral principles are respected, basically Human Values.

Our aim is to achieve social justice through a clear vision of sustainable development, a fair distribution of vital goods, and peaceful and harmonious coexistence among all peoples and all cultures.


After living for ten years in the rural areas of the state of Goiàs, in the heart of Brazil, aware of the great environmental, social and human problems, we formed ATMA with a group of friends, people of trust and goodwill, with the aim of stimulating the various political and social bodies to be aware of the absolute need to invest more effort in the various self-development projects and, on reflection, humanitarian help.