Sources of humanity

Founded 28th February 2000, ATMA promotes self-development aid and humanitarian aid to needy children who live in the rural areas of the state of Goiás in Brazil and in the “favelas” of the big cities.

The association from Ticino uses financial aid to benefit needy children and elementary schools who have limited economic resources, but who commit themselves to an education based on human values. The association supports the local population without any discrimination of race, sex, religion or public opinion.

ATMA is convinced that a human being writes his own story, and that it is up to him to be aware of and responsible for the way he conducts his own existence, the balance of the environment which surrounds him and the transformation of society. With this firm conviction ATMA accepts the challenge, and seeks to be a further actor in the promotion of the quality of life in the rural communities of central Brazil and in averting the exodus towards the rapidly deteriorating cities.

By quality of life ATMA intends the integration of the human being with nature. The actions a person makes take into consideration the environmental and cultural socio-economical context in which the person finds himself. These actions can and must be aimed at attaining the sustainability of life.

To transform reality we must know it. With this belief we give special attention to projects, studies and research which relate to sustainable development.