How to become a member

ATMA membership fees:

  • Sympathizing member:  voluntary contribution
  • Individual member:        CHF 50.-
  • Active member: CHF 100.-
  • Collective members:
    • Family:                      CHF 150.-
    • Corporate:               CHF 200.-
      societies, companies, associations and similar organizations
      (plus CHF10.- for each single member)
  • Collective patronage:    CHF 360.-

If you join a collective patronage you will be offering better living conditions to the guests of the Pittaluga Orphanage.

Membership fees

            Socio simpatizzante: offerta libera


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beneficiary: ATMA beneficiary: ATMA
IBAN CH98 0076 4466 3045 C000 C IBAN  CH77 0900 0000 6513 6413 9
SWIFT BSCTCH22 CCP 65-136413-9

Or ask us to send you a payment order by writing to us at

We thank you for your support and for your faith.