At the moment ECO-TOURISM represents the most powerful tool for promoting sustainable development in the rural areas of the “Cerrado.

Stimulated mainly by the existence of the National Park of the “Chapada dos Veadeiros,” eco-tourism has grown in the region since the 1990s, reclaiming local assets and increasing the value of its natural resources. This strategy of conservation has been chosen by the local communities in order to improve the quality of life of the population with a sustainable economic impact.

As opposed to traditional tourism, where the tourists assume a passive role in the places they visit, the eco-tourists assume an active role, making direct contact with nature and the local culture.

Their consciousness is awakened to the necessity of preserving the environment and of respecting the traditions and the customs of the region. Here they will find an extensive list of eco-touristic activities: walking, cycling, horse-riding, contemplation, climbing, as well as the observation of birds and animals which are close to extinction.

Thanks to the temperate climate throughout the year, to the generous and fertile soil and to the richness of its water resources, the success of this proposal is assured.