Another World is possible


pitalugaPITALUGAThe project seeks to help the orphanage in the diocese of Anápolis which accepts guests between the ages of 4 and 18, and offers an incentive for professional training, as well as encouraging the self-sustainability of the structure.


moinhoMOINHO: The project hopes to reclaim the indigenous culture and preserve the identity of a people and their self-esteem, by passing on knowledge of natural medicine to the younger generations.


ChàcaraCHÀCARA: The project aspires to be a logistic platform for the volunteers who undertake various projects and tries to stimulate the interaction of the local population and make them aware of biological agriculture, which would bring a direct benefit to all of the surrounding environment by creating a permanently protected area of natural preservation.

: The project intends to encourage farmers in disadvantaged conditions and small family businesses in the rural areas, to return to non-toxic agriculture.



The project aims to collaborate with the ECOA “Espaço Comunitario de Aprendizagem” for a program of integral education in the Favelas di Maranata in Braganza Paulista in San Paolo state.



Campaigns (Missions)


The “WATER CAMPAIGN (MISSION)” seeks to protect the water table of the River Guaraní from pollution caused by the biggest pharmaceutical chemical plant in Latin America.





The “LIVING EARTH CAMPAIGN (MISSION)” seeks to preserve the forest fauna e flora with the creation of a natural park.




The “EDUCATION CAMPAIGN (MISSION)” seeks to promote the teaching in school of ethical principles and human values.